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Free Reports on Solar PV Performance and Maintenance

Released today and featured by Greentech Media, Pecan Street's new report on rooftop solar PV systems is available for free for a limited time.

Read Pecan Street's press release and Greentech Media's story.

Download the report (PDF).

You can also download a free copy of Pecan Street Sol app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Powered by Pecan Street's energy data analytics and its multi-state research network, Sol is a free service that diagnoses potential maintenance issues with your home's solar PV system and provides daily updates on the amount and value of your system's generation. 

Developing or evaluating an electric disaggregation algorithm?

Pecan Street has developed a residential electric use disaggregation algorithm training kit available for commercial partners to purchase. This unique kit includes a 15-minute whole home dataset and 1-minute interval circuit-level dataset for packages of  10 to 100 homes in Austin covering a one year period. Algorithms can be run against the whole home data and the output compared to the circuit-level data. The circuit-level data includes furnace, compressor, refrigerator, oven, PV generation (when present), EV charging (when present) and other major circuits in the home, such as small kitchen appliances, lighting and bedrooms. Organizations interested in purchasing the training kit can contact Fisayo Fadelu at

The World's Largest Energy Data Resource

Dataport is the world's largest source of disaggregated customer energy data for university researchers around the world. Access is free for university researchers, but registration and approval are required. Please log in or sign up.

Dataport is divided into two main sections, both of which are accessible from the main navigation. The Knowledge Base houses reports and data visualizations developed by Pecan Street and other researchers, as well as industry job postings and the Pecan Street's blog posts. The Data section includes details about Pecan Street's data and  allows researchers to query Pecan Street's energy database, create custom visualizations and download datasets. You can also bookmark this page -- new visualizations and reports will be posted here first.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Featured Visualization: Water Use by Flow Rate

In the United States residential water use is often described in terms of the water flow rate expressed in gallons per minute (GPM). Actual water use in your home will depend on your water pressure, the presence of leaks or obstructions, the performance of your specific appliances and fixtures and how you use them, and any water conservation actions you take. For most residents the only feedback is a monthly bill which reports total use for the month, usually rounded to the nearest 100 or 1000 gallons. Using technology developed at PecanStreet Labs we are able to sample whole home water use multiple times per minute allowing us to more accurately estimate GPM flow rates as they occur.

This visualization uses flow rates in 1-minute intervals to plot one week of actual water usage data for a home in Austin, TX. Descriptive bands highlight estimated flow rate ranges for common appliances and fixtures. By zooming in with the slider at the bottom of the interactive graph you can observe more granular use intervals, from 30-minutes down to 1-minute. View this and other visualizations performed by Pecan Street staff, or make your own with our data.  

Featured Research: Residential Water Use Index

The first Pecan Street Residential Water Use Index is now available. Applying the same rigorous, granular research approach Pecan Street pioneered with electricity to another precious resource, the Residential Water Use Index benchmarks normal residential water use, as well as the most common, expensive and potentially damaging water problems --  leaks and breaks. Review the index and our other reports in the Knowledge Base.

Pecan Street's Dataport is the world's largest source of disaggregated customer energy data for university researchers around the world. The data is collected and managed by Pecan Street and is made possible by support from members and clients, including:

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